About Us

Sakran & Shaw officially launched in 2015 when Maria Sakran and Elizabeth Shaw met designing private label clothing for major retailers within the fashion industry. Combining Elizabeth's apparel and technical design knowledge with Maria's unique print making background and professional retail experience, the pair realized it was only a matter of time before they started their own line - which has developed into a thriving and exciting lifestyle brand.

Eager to get their products out to the world, Sakran and Shaw have turned passion and respect for handmade design, animals, art, individualism, and style into one of the fastest growing brands in New York state. Sakran and Shaw lovingly make their products for clients while being animal friendly and eco-conscious; working closely with their production partners to ensure the highest quality products.

Sakran & Shaw opened their first brick & mortar location in Skaneateles, NY in 2019, where all products (designed in the Hudson Valley & Central New York) are sold.

Stop by our 11 Jordan Street, Skaneateles location and meet Maria soon!