About Us

Sakran & Shaw was born in 2015 when two creative beings, Elizabeth and Maria crossed paths and realized what they had to offer each other.  Combining Elizabeth's creative and technical design knowledge with Maria's photography and unique print making background, the pair realized it was only a matter of time before they merged and started their own line. Elizabeth and Maria quickly became friends and business partners as they knew they had to get their products out to the world! They both have a passion and respect for handmade design, animals, art, individualism, style and of course creative freedom. With this in mind, they are able to lovingly make products for their clients while being animal friendly and eco-conscious.

Our Bios

Maria Sakran is a graduate of Cazenovia College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Photography. Prior to coming to Cazenovia she finished an Associates of Science in Photography at Onondaga Community College. Maria was born in upstate New York where she presently resides. Maria is currently working on making patterns from original photographs and printing them on fabrics, wallpaper and other products.

Elizabeth Shaw has been involved in the Fashion Industry for the past 10 years. After graduating with her Bachelors in Fashion Design from Marist College in 2008, she pursued her desire to create by designing apparel and accessories at both the Department Store & Boutique Level. Elizabeth is originally from Dutchess County, NY and moved back to the Hudson Valley area in 2015. Elizabeth currently designs knit apparel for a major retailer while also hand creating handbags & accessories for boutiques and clients.

Our Thoughts.....

In Maria's words:

"As someone whose artistic expression is based on photography, I find myself transforming my photos into surface patterns a focal interest. This activity bridges the subjects of graphics, product design, textiles and fine art. I am often amazed at the shapes and forms that I find hidden in my photos. By using an original piece I use repetition to create something new. I strive for a design with color and patterns that can be used in a variety of ways and aim for technical excellence in every piece. The end result can never be predicted, so the interest of creating is never tedious and forever rewarding."

In Elizabeth's words:

"While pursuing my career in the fashion industry, I wondered how could I combine my love of design with helping animals? I decided it was time to take a stance and let people know that amazing products can be created without the use of animal skin or fur. It is so important to me to celebrate an animals beauty without having to do them harm. My favorite aspect of design is turning vision into reality. It is an amazing feeling to have clients representing the line and all it stands for. It starts with an idea, a sketch and love. It evolves with fabric, a sewing machine and great care. You bring it to life"

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